The SmartIVA Solution Benefits

Improve Student Safety

Terrorism, kidnappings and missing children remain risks for any modern school. Our SmartIVA solution allow parents to get alerts when their children are dropped off or picked up from school.

Punctual Students and Staff.

Staff and students come to school on time and attend classes on time when their attendances are automatically recorded and monitored through our SmartIVA solution. Nothing beats the record.

Better Security. Lower Risks.

Remove the risks of impersonation, unauthorized access, fake indentification and other challenges to making your school a safe haven for pupils and students with our SmartIVA solution.

Better Decision Making

Better decision making are based on accurate facts and figures. From class to exam and other event attendances in the school, SmartIVA makes them all available with the simplicity of ABC.

Why School Owners And Parents Love SmartIVA Solution.

  • Automated Notification of Children Drop-off And Pickup from Schools
  • Access Students And Staff Attendance Records from Anywhere And At Anytime
  • Improved Student And Staff Punctuality
  • Better School Security, Student And Staff Safety
  • No Papers. Instant Records.
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